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Event Organizers

The purpose of  the 7on7 University Organizer Resource center is to provide guidance, rules, suggestions and resources for you to run an effective tournament, league, Football Camp or Coaching Clinic. 7on7 University is here to help you expand and add value to the community you have committed to serve.

 7on7- Summary of Events, Programs and On-line for event organizers:

  • *7on7 Tournaments*- How to start and manage a 7on7 Passing Tournament.
  • 7on7 Leagues- How to start and run your own 7on7 Passing League

  • Team and Individual Combines- How to start your own successful Team and Individual Combine
  • Lineman Competition/ Kickers Challenge– How to start a successful lineman competition and kickers competition

  • Elite Football Camps How to run an Elite team camp

  • Off-season ClinicsHow to run a successful one on one position specific clinic.

(All associated 7on7 trainers adhere to and provide specific, proven, training methods and athletic consultation services.)

7 on 7 University, the leader in national 7 on 7 tournaments, is looking to strategically joint operate with Qualifying events and campuses across the country.
An opportunity exists to benefit High Schools by raising money and transforming your organization into a high profile, nationally recognized event. 7 on 7 University showcases top football talent throughout our partners region with events that prepare both teams and athletes for success.

Our management team:

  • Organizes
  • Promotes 
  • Manages your league/ tournaments or camps

Allowing our campus partners to effectively showcase a world class event with minimal effort! Why not see if your program can leverage our infrastructure, national name so you can gain significant returns without all the headache?

Benefits of becoming a 7 on 7 University Campus site and Qualifying Tournament Host include:

  • $500 if you get 20+ teams to participate in your designated tournament
  • Educational training and social networking opportunities to impact our future leaders ON and OFF the field
  • National and Local media coverage
  • Professionally edited video productions of your Qualifying Tournament
  • Web 2.0 Tournament site complete with …….
  • Athletes receive a benefits package which includes: SAT Testing and Evaluation, Free and discounted offers from Great American Restaurants, Free lunch during summer practices
  • Educational and inspirational message from a guest --speaker

Become a 7 on 7 University Campus Today!