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Getting the inner star to shine

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Getting the inner star to shine

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7on7 University (7on7U) provides Youth and High School athletes aged 9-18 an opportunity to demonstrate their talent and skills at a national level through our National Championship Series. The network of events includes State qualifier competitions and State Championship Tournaments culminating in the 7on7 University two-day National Championship in Washington D.C. 7on7 University qualifying tournaments are consisting of more than 20 events in 10 states.

MOUTH PIECES: It is required that mouth pieces be worn

  • For High School and Youth aged athletes looking to compete in 7on7 Tournaments
  • Linemen Competitions: Team Linemen Competitions with every 7on7 Tournament
  • 7on7U Team Combat Combines
  • 7on7U College Prep Clinics: Football Clinics preparing athletes for College visits and College Camps
  • Team Camps and Individual Youth and High School aged athletes Football Camps
  • Team and Position specific Football Training
  • The 7on7U National Passing and Linemen Championship